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A car maintenance app which helps Car owners to connect with nearby mechanics in Real time at best market rates.

How It Works

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Your car starts trouble and requires a mechanic’s attention



Fetch a professional Motoo Master mechanic using the app easily.



Track your mechanic



MotooMaster trusted mechanic arrives and repairs the car

We’re here for you in an emergency

Our trained masters and mechanics are ready 24/7 and will assist you and your loved ones when called out for help.


We Will come to your home or your workplace

Find a mechanic anywhere easily in few steps and Motoo Master's trained mechanics will reach out in no time.

Trust Motoo Master In Emergency

Easily add and store your car details to find a mechanic and get an estimated price then and there.

Rapid Trustworthy Mechanic

Find a trusted mechanic with a few clicks in no time.

Your car companion!

A Premium, Affordable Mobile Mechanic Service

Eliminate the stress of finding a trustworthy, affordable mechanic and guarantee our work until you’re 100% satisfied.

Car Service and maintenance

Get reasonable low-end prices and hassle free service anytime without any effort.

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Convenient user friendly application

Easy to use application made for everybody

Battery Service

Secure signup and verification makes finding a mechanic faster, easier, and safer.

Car Inspection and repairs

 Connect with nearby mechanics in Real time at best market rates.

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